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Apr 07, 2020

How to Document Dumped Milk

The disruption of supply and demand is resulting in dumped milk. It will be very important to document this as much as possible.

Jul 18, 2016

Can We Forecast a Milk Price?

The strength of cheese prices continues to surprise many in the dairy industry and this certainly is a good thing. Cheese prices last week moved to the highest level in a year indicating good buyer interest and a tight fresh cheese supply at present. Daily spot trading reflects the price
Jul 01, 2016

Record Cheese Inventory and Higher Prices

Milk price outlook certainly has improved over the past few weeks. Strong seasonal cheese buying coupled with tightening supply of fresh cheese has pushed cheese to price levels last seen on November 11, 2015. This has been surprising given many of the current underlying fundamentals. Demand is good keeping product
Jun 20, 2016

Where Has Market Volatility Come From?

There is life to the dairy market. After an extended period of time of limited price fluctuation on a daily basis likened to watching paint dry, Class III futures have exploded exhibiting substantial volatility. Price swings during the course of a day have moved as much as $1.00. So what
Jun 06, 2016

Can Higher Prices be Maintained?

Milk futures have moved slowly higher since mid-May improving the outlook for dairy prices to some extent. Much of this underlying strength seems to be coming from the seasonality of price movement. Many years, buyers become more aggressive and prices increase during May and June. There is the desire to
May 23, 2016

Milk Price Recovery May be Delayed

The April Milk Production and Livestock Slaughter reports continued to show the pattern of milk production growth and dairy cow retention. Growth of milk production was anticipated, but reduced culling was a surprise. There have been a few reports of heavier culling taking place, but these may have been farm
May 09, 2016

Have Low Prices Cured Lower Prices?

Well, the unthinkable has happened, or maybe it is best said that what we hoped would not happen has happened. Weakness of cheese prices have brought prices down to the levels last seen in March 2010. Most thought this was not possible as profitability is non-existent. Milk prices declining as
Apr 25, 2016

Less Farms – More Cows

Spot market prices have been holding well despite some bearish fundamentals that have dominated the market. Spring flush is not a bearish event as it takes place each year at this time with the industry prepared for it.. Increased milk production is being handled without too much difficulty. However, some
Apr 11, 2016

Have Dairy Prices Bottomed?

After spending some time below $2.00, butter price has again rolled back above that level giving the impression price may have set a low. It is still early in the year, but the surprising strength is making the industry sit up and take notice. Some buyers had been holding back