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Aug 15, 2011


The current economic mess in Western Europe and the U.S. brings to mind what I regard as the greatest challenge the West has to face, even greater than an aging demographic: middle-class jobs. We used to have a lot of good-paying jobs in the steel industry; now we have the
Aug 13, 2011

CoT and Price Action

We have seen the financial fiascos foul up grain pricing before. Here it is again. The usual culprits are responsible: politicians in power and their buddies in the SCt and major corporations. OK, now that I've dealt with that, on to this week's analysis. Corn is in a neutral to
Aug 10, 2011

Utterback's Recommendation

I'm glad Bob put this piece in place. I think about things from a trader's point of view, not from the perspective of "hold 'em until they fold 'em." So it would not have occurred to me to make the point Bob just made. It is certainly possible this year's
Aug 09, 2011

Yuan Will Rise

China is suffering more inflation than the government is happy about. The cure is to raise the value of the Yuan. Were that to be done before all needed imports are paid for, or before contracts to hedge the dollars/yuan ratios were purchased, prices of US grains would almost certainly
Aug 07, 2011

Wouldn't a second "Great Recession" be fun?

First off, a useful link In my view, CoT reports are much too far behind the action this week to be helpful. I imagine most assumed the grand stock market sell off pushed grain prices down. To be sure, the Ukrain offer to sell some wheat at below US
Jul 30, 2011


CoT for corn was little changed this week. Price action was not bullish, and waiting for a week to find my entry leaves me dubious about the future. On the other hand, it may be only D.C. idiots that are messing up the pricing. Bean price action was distinctly bearish
Jul 28, 2011

Taxes Around the World as % of GDP

This is a long list, compiled by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. It shows collected taxes as a percentage of GDP. You will note that of what are called First World Countries only SOUTH KOREA has a lower percent of GDP collected as taxes (by 1/10%). I have highlighted the US
Jul 27, 2011

How Strange the Effect of VAT

As promised, here are a few prices for an English product, a new Jaguar, priced in a few countries. Country Price in USD US 72,000 Canada 88,000 England 106,600 France 149,760 Switzerland 155,925 Portugal 120,960 France and Portugal both use the Euro (€): the difference is purely taxation differences, even
Jul 26, 2011

Taxes Around the World

Evaluation of taxes is a tricky business. The maximum rate doesn't tell the whole story. In the US some states have income taxes of their own that add to the Federal maximum rate of 35%, and many have sales taxes. When you look at the table below, you will see