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Nov 11, 2019

4 Essential Lubricant Tips for Winterizing Farm Equipment

Harvest is tough. Once you've made it through some of the hardest weeks of the year, both you and your equipment deserve some R&R. But before your rigs take a long winter’s nap, it’s important to get them ready for sitting dormant in the cold. Even when your equipment isn’t
Oct 21, 2019

Be Smart About Grease Compatibility for your Farm Equipment

Equipment is being put to extensive use during the busy harvest season. To avoid downtime, farmers routinely perform basic, in-the-field maintenance, such as reapplying grease to pins, bushings and bearings, to ensure that their equipment continues to run properly. But moving too quickly and not paying attention to grease compatibility
Oct 07, 2019

4 Questions to Protect Your Fuel System During Harvest

With harvest right around the corner, it’s time to ask yourself: What’s in your fuel tank? The answer may surprise you. Without regular maintenance, your fuel tank can house water, rust, dirt and algae. Debris and other contaminants accelerate fuel degradation and can lead to fuel pump failure and fuel
Sep 23, 2019

Year-Round, Not Any Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Will Do

Whether it’s planting time or harvest, the turnings of the seasons are some of the busiest times of year on the farm. With so much going on, it’s easy to let seemingly small tasks, such as changing your tractor hydraulic fluid (THF), fall through the cracks. To avoid the risk
Sep 09, 2019

5 Ways Automated Fuel Delivery Would Benefit Your Farm

Are you tired of checking your bulk fuel tank gauge and worrying about running out of fuel? Relax. Let the Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery system do the work for you. Here are five ways your farm or ranch would benefit from automated fuel delivery. Increased productivity. With automated fuel delivery
Aug 26, 2019

Don't Forget to Grease Your Tractor

Each season, a farmer’s operation depends on a different selection of equipment: at harvest, combines ensure crops are gathered efficiently; during selling season, grain dryers get products to market; and come next growing season, planters get it all started up once more. To maintain your farm’s important machinery, it’s important
Aug 12, 2019

This Harvest, Control What You Can Control

There are countless factors outside farmers’ control: commodity markets rise and fall, weather cooperates or doesn’t, consumers make purchase decisions that affect supply decisions. But even with all these variables, there’s one thing over which every farmer has total control: their level of preparation. One of the key ways to
Aug 08, 2019

Top Ways to Keep Water Out of Your Diesel

Incompatible people are often said to mix like oil and water. But if you really want to talk about an unfortunate combination, look no further than fuel and water. Water in a machine’s fuel line can be a one-way ticket to trouble. The good news about water damage is it’s
Jul 15, 2019

Propane Supply Planning: Don't Wait For Harvest to Take Action

It’s no secret that harvest puts strain on the propane supply. Propane distributors plan and prepare to secure consistent propane supplies for all operations during peak periods, and encourage farmers to assess their propane needs during the summer months to help ensure smooth and consistent delivery during harvest. The months