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Holstein Cow Pasture Grazing
Jan 24, 2020

Put Priority on Pre-Fresh Cows

Mis-managed pre-fresh animals not only tend to cost money after calving, but can also cause added headaches and frustration.

Fairlife coffee creamer
Jan 21, 2020

Dairy Report: Lawsuit Against DFA, fairlife Launches Coffee Creamers

A southern Missouri city is suing a Dairy Farmers of America plant saying it is regularly releasing untreated waste water into a river. Meanwhile, fairlife is releasing a new product line of lactose free coffee creamers.

winter manure application Iowa State 1
Jan 20, 2020

12 Things to Consider Before Spreading Manure this Winter

With crops now off the field for the majority of the country, livestock producers are starting to face a different “crappy” situation. Full manure pits.

Fairlife coffee creamer
Jan 15, 2020

fairlife Launches Real Dairy, Lactose Free Coffee Creamers

Branching out from their signature ultra-filtered milk products lineup, fairlife is stepping into the real dairy coffee creamer arena.

Holstein Cow Grazing Red Barn
Jan 13, 2020

Older Cows Pay More Bills

On average it takes two lactations for a cow to show ROI

Holstein Cow Dairy Feedbunk Head lock
Dec 30, 2019

Dairy Report: Better Milk Prices Lie Ahead in 2020

Dairy farmers are enjoying the holidays just a little more this year thanks to better milk prices.

Lebanon Cookie Walk
Dec 23, 2019

Farming Community and Church Members Team Up to Make 60,000 Cookies

Just how much butter, flour and sugar does it take to make 3,000 lb. of cookies?

Dairy Herd Cover Stories
Dec 19, 2019

2019 Rewind: Dairy Herd Management Cover Stories

With another year nearly in the books, here’s a chance to flip back through our 2019 cover stories!

Top 10 Dairy Reproduction Articles of 2019
Dec 18, 2019

Top 10 Dairy Reproduction Articles of 2019

Here we count down the top 10 reproduction articles that made dairy headlines in 2019.