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Pizza Hut with Jimmy Fallon
May 22, 2020

Pizza Hut Teams with DMI, Honors Class of 2020 with 500K Free Pizzas

Joining forces to celebrate the class of 2020, Dairy Management Inc. and checkoff partner Pizza Hut are working together to give away half a million pizzas to class of 2020 high school graduates.

Digital Dermatitis in dairy cattle
May 21, 2020

Get a Better Handle on Digital Dermatitis

While there may not be a cure for this lameness causing disease, digital dermatitis can be easy to manage if you know what to look for.

Holstein cow grazing pasture
May 05, 2020

5 Tips to Keep Your Pasture Thriving

With spring in full bloom and summer just on the horizon, now is a great time to analyze the pasture your animals may soon graze.

Holstein cow grazing pasture sunset
Apr 30, 2020

Could Extending Calving Intervals Extend Your Budget?

Extending the lactation period of high-yielding cows can improve main reproductive measurements, such as fertility.

Willow Valley Dairy 028
Apr 29, 2020

Farmers Share the Scoop on How They Reduce Milk Production

In a recent poll, we asked producers what steps they are taking to lower their milk production. Here is their response.

Dairy Farn Sunset
Apr 27, 2020

“Courage is Grace Under Pressure”

“Courage recognizes the significant work of farmers, their families, farm communities and all who are engaged in feeding the world.”

Dairy #FarmON
Apr 24, 2020

America’s Dairy Farmers Continue to #FarmON

While much of the world has been silenced by quarantine, America’s dairy farmers continue to farm on.

Land O'Lakes Butter
Apr 21, 2020

Land O’Lakes Makes Changes to its Iconic Butter Package

Nearing its 100th anniversary, Land O’Lakes has removed its iconic “butter maiden” from their signature product.

Holstein calf in hutch
Apr 13, 2020

In a Pinch, Dump Milk can be Fed to Calves

While dairy farmers are looking for ways to reduce their total milk production, no farmer wants to see milk go to waste.