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Jan 22, 2020

What Planting Mistake in 2019 Cost Farmers $250 Per Acre?

Certain planting decisions in 2019 were extremely costly. From planting date to planting depth, one agronomist says certain planting decisions can cost producers more than $200 per acre.

China trade
Jan 20, 2020

How Quickly Can China Open Its $40 Billion Checkbook

The U.S. and China Phase One trade agreement comes with hefty expectations. What could China buy to meet its $40 billion goal, and when could those buys happen? Economists and market experts weigh in.

U.S., China
Jan 17, 2020

Phase One is Signed, Will China Start Buying U.S. Ag Products Soon?

While there were rumors on Friday of China in the market buying U.S. corn, some analysts say the waiting game for what and when China will buy from the U.S. could continue.

China trade
Jan 17, 2020

China Might Delay Some Ag Purchases for One Month, Up to Three

China didn't immediately start buying U.S. agricultural good after the Phase One signing. Some analysts say it could take a couple months before significant buys from China are on the books.

US China Trade War
Jan 15, 2020

With Phase One Signing, is Trade War With China Officially Over?

The Phase One trade agreement with China comes with a big promise to purchase close to $40 billion worth of U.S. agricultural products over the next two years. Does this mean the trade war is over? Economists weigh in.

U.S., China
Jan 14, 2020

Markets Could Have More Questions Than Answers After Phase One Signing

Leaders from U.S. and China are scheduled to sign a Phase One trade deal at the White House on Wednesday, however, the market may not have all its questions answered after the deal is official.

USDA Report
Jan 10, 2020

After USDA Released January Reports, What is the Market’s Focus Now?

The case isn't closed on 2019 production, but how much of a market impact could that have in the months ahead? U.S. Farm Report analysts break down the latest reports and explain what the market is now watching.