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Feb 10, 2020

Farmers Faced With Full Soil Moisture Profile Heading into Spring

Some parts of the country are ready to wave the white flag to Mother Nature. The Southeast got pummeled with rain last week, an area that needed it. Yet, most of the Corn Belt is saturated heading into spring.

John Deere Plow
Jan 07, 2020

American Countryside: How John Deere Revolutionized the Iconic Plow

John Deere was a blacksmith who created a plow as a way to help farmers solve a problem. It wasn't until 32 years after he died that the company started manufacturing tractors. Hear his story in American Countryside.

jet stream
Jan 06, 2020

Mike Hoffman: Expect More Mild Temperatures This Week, Some Snow

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman says the jet stream shows much of the arctic air will stay in Canada this week; however, some snow may be on the way.

tractor tales veteran
Dec 09, 2019

93-Year-Old WWII Marine Veteran's Love for John Deere Tractors

James Jordan of Everton, Mo. has a few loves in life, but one of his main hobbies is restoring antique tractors. He doesn't restore just any antique tractor; he has a bias towards green.

Sep 30, 2019

U.S. Farm Report: Frost Is a Real Fear for Growers This Week

Summer-like temperatures could taper off in some growing areas this week. Cindi Clawson has your week-long forecast.

Sep 23, 2019

Frost Not in the Forecast For Now

U.S. Farm Report meteorologist Mike Hoffman's 30-day forecast shows above normal temperatures for portions of the CornBelt.

University of Wisconsin
Sep 23, 2019

AgriTalk, U.S. Farm Report Broadcast from University of Wisconsin

AgriTalk and U.S. Farm Report broadcast from University of Wisconsin-Madison, digging into some of the unique programs, perspectives the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has to offer.

Tractor Tales Oliver
Sep 23, 2019

Tractor Tales: Wisconsin Tractor Collector Finds Antique Gem on eBay

Ken Loewenhagen of Fremont, Wisc., found a gem on eBay. After a little TLC, his beloved Oliver is one of the best running antique tractors he owns.

Bloomberg Meat Packer Rail
Sep 10, 2019

Texas Tech University Meat Judging Team Is Cut Above the Rest

Collegiate meat judging is a competitive sport. In fact, it's so competitive, some team members at Texas Tech University are recruited in middle school. U.S. Farm Report gets a taste of why the team is so successful.