2015 Pastures

Published on: 13:34PM Sep 05, 2014


Pasture Planning 2015

Many of us make resolutions or use a calendar for planning the coming year when January rolls around, why wait?

A planning calendar is especially useful with a grazing system as needs and opportunities change month by month & year by year, it isn’t too early to plan for next year.   Wouldn’t you rather get things set-up now so you can just turn em out next spring, rather than agonize about pasture expansion when everything else is needing your attention?  Spring is a very busy time around a farm or ranch, so why not do some of your spring time chores this fall?

September & October: This is a good time to study new developments in forage varieties by checking in with your seed salesman.  If animals are going to be wintered on pasture, land fertilizer can be provided by moving feeding sites to encourage uniform distribution of manure.  It’s not too late to review the current condition of your pastures following this past grazing season. Much of our state (PA), suffered from a second year of drought leaving bare patches and weed proliferation that needs to be brought under control as soon as possible.  Now is the time to do it!  But just as some or most of us suffered another very dry summer, there are other producers in our immediate area that got rain practically every other day all summer so making dry hay was almost impossible. Plan for the worst and thank God when it doesn’t happen!

November: VACATION!?  Yeah right.  At least take time to breath.  You have my permission.

December: If seed isn’t ordered for frost seeding, planned renovation or new pasture development, it should be done before supplies are depleted.  Most Seed suppliers have he best discounts starting in December.  Frost seeding needs to be completed before the pastures are muddy to achieve best soil seed contact.

March: is the "target" month for frost-seeding pastures and hay fields with clovers.  March is also a good time to check Warm season pasture fences and water lines for damage and begin repairs.