BQA Because it the right thing to do

Published on: 17:19PM Aug 14, 2013

This week is part 4 in a 5 part series as we take a look at BQA

Beef Quality Assurance

BQA can help make a positive public perception of your cattle operation

and the BEEF industry as a whole.

We raise our 100% Grass-fed BEEFALO by following the guidelines set forth below,

even though allot of the following is not part of our practices Ex. "Medicated Feeds & Additives".


Raising your Cattle strictly on grass & hay will make following the BQA guidelines easier for you as a producer, not to mention it’s healthier for your cattle & allot more economical for your operation!

Feed Additives and Medications

  • Only FDA approved medicated feed additives will be used in rations.

  • Medicated feed additives will be used in accordance with the FDA Good Manufacturing

  • Practices (GMP) regulation.

  • Follow 'Judicious Antibiotic Use Guidelines'.

  • Extra-label use of feed additives is illegal and strictly prohibited.

  • To avoid violative residues: withdrawal times must be strictly adhered to.

  • Where applicable, complete records must be kept when formulating or feeding medicated feed rations.

  • Records are to be kept a minimum of two years.

  • The producer will assure that all additives are withdrawn at the proper time to avoid violative residues.


  • Maintain records of any pesticide/herbicide use on pasture or crops that could potentially lead to violative residues in grazing cattle or feedlot cattle.

  • Adequate quality control program(s) are in place for incoming feedstuffs. Program(s) should be designed to eliminate contamination from molds, mycotoxins or chemicals of incoming feed ingredients. Supplier assurance of feed ingredient quality is recommended.

  • Suspect feedstuffs should be analyzed prior to use.

  • Ruminant-derived protein sources cannot be fed per FDA regulations.