A Couple Comments...

Published on: 10:01AM Nov 06, 2009
*Comment #1:
   The TV show "Bones" had a Peta/HSUS (Humane Society) overtone to it tonight (11-5-09). They blatantly attacked chicken and pig farms . Ohio voted in Prop 2 just in time . The ag industry as a whole needs to be prime time just like the switch flippers in the city . If they don't like how their food is grown now , wait till they get ag legislated out of business and they're subsistence comes from a third world country . Lord knows they care about your safety . 
Bruce Wright

*Comment #2:
   I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the interview with the older gentleman this morning.  He was just like my father, when that new baby calf hit the ground it was the greatest joy in the world to him.  My father was a real active person, until parkinson took over.  He could no longer eat or drink (had a feeder tube), but we still loaded him in the front seat of the van (it had a lift for his wheel chair but we loaded him in front seat).  Anyway couldn't left his arm or hand,  but we would drive out into the pasture, Mike (my husband) would grab up a new baby bring it to dad, hold up his hand and let him pet that new baby wonder.  He would grin ear to ear, he couldn't talk, but you could see the great joy in his eyes and face.  Dad suffered for over 10 years, it was horrible,  but the way he looked at that baby reminded me of the gentleman you had on today.  The way he talked about the new calves.  I put for an effort to wake up to watch your show, I think that was the best interview ever, I am still weeping thinking about that show and how me reminded me of my dad.  Thank you very much for sharing that with us this morning.