A Question, A Comment, A Request

Published on: 15:24PM Jun 18, 2009

    I need the website for the farrier that was on the Monday morning show...his name was www.bob????  - I missed the rest  so what is his name??? 
   Also, you need to have a pamphlet made so we can understand the special sessions that you have with Mr. Gold and all others so we can understand what they are talking about when they talk about ie; downside, upside, old crop, new crop, burn something.; etc...  I watch your show every morning and the ag industry I think runs the country... or we will starve.  Let me know where I can purchase such a book or pamphlet to learn the trade.  I have relations of my wife's side that farm 18,000 acres and would like to talk with them as if I knew something about the farmer.
Ron Thompson
P.S. - Great show... be watching you every day and Saturday morning...

Editor's Note:  The web site Ron was looking for is  ttp://www.bobburdekin.com/