Published on: 09:28AM Aug 24, 2009
On Thursday I heard Al's interview of Phil T..., that for every billion dollars of grain export, that, that creates 20,000 jobs. How many jobs are/were created from the 5 billion in the cash for clunkers? I would also point out the C for C pushed short term interest rates higher as car dealer needed cash to finance the sold vehicles, until the our tax dollar pay them back. That is slowing the real recovery. Maybe we could have pork-barrel for pork farms. A program like this would help feed people that are having a hard time and keep our farmer in business. If we keep them in business they can keep paying taxes and keep food on our tables. If we keep selling vehicles we can keep importing fuel from OPEC and keep our balance of payment out of balance. Maybe the real answer is that we all now own a part of GM aka Government Motors and we all only count of farmer for food.