Farm Rescue Story

Published on: 12:04PM Nov 12, 2009
I was watching your show the other day when you featured a farmer with cancer who was being helped out by a farm rescue program. The story touched my heart because of a very recent personal experience and I wanted to share it with you. On July 3rd my husband was injured in a farming accident and later died on the 14th of July. He was a farmer of nearly 600 acres which he managed all aspects of on his own. Multiple farmers and business men in our community came together and helped with every aspect of harvesting the crop and taking care of machinery sells etc. I just wanted to let you know that even when there's not an organization to organize such a wonderful outpouring of compassion that living in a rural community
works just as well.  I could never thank all the people who have helped us through this difficult time enough but I did feel that I needed to share my story with you as an acknowledgment to all their hard work to see that my children and I survive this awful crisis that has been thrust upon us.

Sincerely, Rikke Curtis