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Published on: 14:49PM Mar 05, 2010
   A 49 year old farmer from Waseca Minnesota Died Thursday March 4th when bridged corn in a bin collapsed killing him. I know you folks have mentioned this hazard several times on your show recently. But please remind people again so this tragedy is not repeated again this spring.  More information can be found here. 
Tim Mack
Farmer / Nationally Registered Paramedic
Bridgeview Farms
Zumbrota Minnesota

***Editor's Note:  U.S. Farm Report Host John Phipps has talked about this issue extensively - this link from his blog offers at least one option for preventing such accidents...

Dear AgDay Team, 
   In today's (March 4) report about the problem of Japan's import restrictions on U.S. beef and Senator Johanns' linking that to the Toyota safety issue, the Senator apparently is not thinking clearly.  He should read this report.  Senator Johanns apparently and incredibly is not aware of the fact that Toyota and many other supposedly-Japanese vehicles are actually built in the U.S., with many and in some instances, most components sourced from U.S. makers. The car makers' manufacturing plants and those of the sourced components makers often are situated in semi-rural areas and provide employment to many rural Americans, including agricultural producers and their families who depend upon these jobs in oder to continue farming and ranching. Ironically, the senator also fails to realize that several if not all of the components which have led to the Toyota recalls actually are from U.S. factories.  For Johanns and the Trade Secretary to pursue punitive action against Japanese companies by imposing higher tariffs, etc., actually very probably would result in numerous parts of rural America being severely impacted, and essentially would amount the U.S. shooting itself in its own foot.
Hopefully, more informed and more logical heads will prevail.
Jim Hansen