Biotech Fish???

Published on: 11:14AM Feb 03, 2011

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   I will not buy any type of genetically engineered product like this.  I don't even support the farm-raised salmon because it is not good for the whole fishing industry.  Thank you for your program. Greta Carver - Bakersfield, CA

   We will not consume genetically modified fish. Regardless of what the RDA reports I do no feel it is safe nor has it been around long enough to know what it could do to you. Not interested.
Jill Hill
Ashland, MT

    Really enjoy your program, first thing I do after grabbing the morning coffee is to turn on RFDTV and watch your show.  I'm very happy to see Senators from Alaska working together for people and not big business in the salmon debate. In Europe, sow production dropped when fed gm corn, that report of course won't be well publicized in America. I use tons of alfalfa each year and have informed our hay sources that we will not accept delivery of any gm alfalfa. This in the near future may pose a problem of supply for us, but don't want to chance feeding a product that may be more harmful than helpful.   Jerry Hale - Lake Havasu City, AZ


    NO!!  GMO's are a great thing for the farmer, but they haven't been proven safe when consumed. ALL GMO's should be labeled so we can make the choice if we want to be guinea pigs. Wild salmon (salmon that eat krill) are the ONLY salmon that provide us with the omega-3's that we need. Farmed salmon (that eat grain and are fed dye to make their meat pink and pollute our waters with antibiotics) are a poor substitute for the wild Alaskan salmon.  Don't mess with Mother Nature and let's keep the Alaskan salmon pure.  Mary Erdman 


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    How can anyone who's seen what happened to the farmers in Canada over the Monsanto/Canola escapade possibly trust corporations to control our alfalfa or anything else without demanding a patent license to control all the seeds this country has available-just look at the suicides of the farmers in India to see what is really going on. This is a global take-over whether it be hay, salmon, beef, or whatever.

Please put this on the air because I am not afraid to call a bull a steer even if you are. Bruce Collins