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Flooding in Minot

Published on: 09:05AM Jun 02, 2011

This morning I watched your show and was very disappointed in your accuracy. There was a map of the U.S. that had different levels of ground moisture depicted by different colors. If I looked at it correctly you had North Dakota listed as normal or satisfactory or something like that. Do you have any idea how wrong that is???? A large majority of the state is flooded and thousands and thousands are being evacuated. Bismarck/Mandan is seeing Missouri River levels that have never been recorded in history and they expect they will stay here until the end of June if not later. 

A large portion of Minot and areas along the Souris River were given immediate evacuation notices yesterday. The very western part of the state (Medora and the badlands) are also flooding like never recorded in history. Right now I believe there are like 600 National Guard soldiers deployed in the state to help with flooding and evacuations. Literally, prety much the whole state is like this! I would guess that only about 25% (maybe a little more) of the crops have been planted or seeded. Thousands of gravel roads are washed out also so.  Even if a field is dry enough to take machinery in, you probably can't get to it. 

Attached is a picture of one of the machinery dealers in Minot. They are quite a distance from the river too. I am familiar with Minot and I cannot imagine how water got over to there. Keep in mind, this is just the start of the flooding. The releases of the damn upstream is only going to increase for some time to come. 
North Dakota is the leading producer of 13 or 14 ag commodities so please don't forget about us on an ag show. 
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