Horse Slaughter

Published on: 13:42PM Feb 28, 2012

If the United States as a whole doesn't eat horse meat, in my opinion the United States should NOT produce horse meat. Horses are the iconic work vehicle of the old Western society. Americans view horses as a part of our history and heritage, NOT as a meal to feed the family! If other countries accept the animal historically responsible for helping the American cowboy settle the West, then let them kill them and eat them!


I have had horses most of my life and don’t see anything wrong with a slaughter plant. At least then you would know things were being handled humanely. When horses got so cheap everyone got them and now don’t take care of them right because the food has gotten so high. We live in a small town and there are more horses now than ever and the ones that have them don’t exercise them, just have them so they can say they have them. I also think the woman you interviewed knows nothing about animal slaughter and the regulations that go with it. Hope they see the positive for the plant.


Maybe we need to change the name from horse slaughter to humane care for horses or something more acceptable. What really are they thinking horses like people sooner or later die. If horses are shipped out of our country and then slaughtered they are still slaughtered, why not keep the jobs here. We have enough of our jobs lost to other countries.


I am in favor of a legal means to slaughter older horses for their meat. Dogs, and zoo carnivores in this country, as well as many foreign people all find horse meat to be a nourishing addition to the diet. Why should that be forbidden?

Billy W. Ryals, Jr.

I think that the plants should be reopened and soon! I drive through communities with starving horses standing on dirt with nothing to eat.

If the plants were open it would drive the price up so that people who can't afford to feed them couldn't afford to buy them either! There is no market for these horses that are either too old or horses that are of no use so they are left hungry in many fields.



I think we need the horse slaughter plant in the United States. There is a need for a place to go with horses that are unwanted or no longer beneficial use due to old age or injuries.
Also we could stop sending them to Mexico where they are hauled long distances, then killed inhumanely. The United States could regulate how they are killed and preformed in a humane way.
There are horses the people can’t afford to feed, they are starved, neglected and even turned loose because there is no place or market to go with them. Horses are going to be slaughtered so why not in the US where it can be regulated and create jobs for US citizens.
Randy Melton
Dike, Texas

I support the efforts of this company to open a horse slaughter plant. I am a long time horse lover, proffesional horsewoman and a horse hobbyist. I have as much love and respect for these animals as is humanly possible and I have seen such abuse and neglect over the past few years that it makes me ill. There is a time and place for horse slaughter and it should be available as an opption. I could write you pages and pages as to the neglect that the ban has caused and a few more pages as to why it is a good thing, if anyone cares to hear I'll be glad to explain but I'm sure most of us that are eduacated in the equine world already understand this. If the HSUS wants to do something to help horses and they should consider using some of that money they raise to educate people that most stallions should be gelded, only the best mares should be bred and for the most part breeding should be left to those that understand it. Also! educate the backyard horseman and hobbyist about how to find an appropriate horse for their skill level, what it takes to care for that horse and the cost of caring for that animal. If more people were knowledgable in these areas their horse ownership may be more successful and fewer animals would become unwanted or become unuseable. Oh, yah, that would mean they might have to spend a whole penny of every doller they have donated to them, or maybe even 2 whole cents to the actual benefit of animals. But then of course the corporate officers, lawyers, ad agencies and lobbyist might not get as rich. The HSUS isn't about helping animals it's about a few people getting rich off the sympathies of good caring people. I wonder what people would think if they really knew they were getting duped.