Job Searching Done Differently

Published on: 03:54AM Sep 30, 2008

 A while back I created a group on facebook to help people learn of new job opportunities through social media. It was really more of an experiment to see who was listening. Turns out that, within 6 weeks, 1600 people are listening! We've even gone on to create our own web page outside of facebook, including a social network page. Visit them here:
Here are some thoughts I shared with the group early this morning:

Did you know that we've listed more than a dozen GREAT new jobs in the last week? You can check them out on our group discussion board, or at - click on Search Jobs. Did you see that The AJN now has 1600 members? WooHoo! We're growing. Add in our new email lists (The AJN and AJN Jr.), plus the new social network on Ning and we've breached 1,800+. How many people did you invite today? Remember, our power lies in numbers! Today, I am approaching all the major executive search firms (head hunters) in the U.S. asking them to share their openings with us. If you're one of them - message me back on fb. I can't stress enough the importance of signing up on our custom made social page. Also, sign up to get emailed job updates in your inbox at Its now easier to get your employee needs known by going to and listing your jobs through the post it function. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this financial situation. Just remember that we are a resilient species - and we will over come. Let us learn our lesson, and take pains to prevent this from happening again. After all - our finances should never be allowed to DEFINE us! We're better than that.