BP In Charge Now; Food Fight Shaping Up

Published on: 09:09AM Jun 17, 2010
President Obama is taking a pounding in the media over his speech Tuesday night. You know, that speech that said we’ll become energy independent but just covered generalities. Apparently now—two years into his Presidency the media is starting to demand some substance with the rhetoric and they didn’t get it Tuesday night.  


BP In Charge of Fisherman Safety
Am I the only one who sees the irony here? BP has agreed to be in charge of making sure fisherman and contract workers cleaning up the oil spill meet safety requirements. Ummm…if our President is trying to figure to our “whose a** to kick,” is he just trying to limit the potential pool of a**es?

Watch Your Weight
Ever feel like Tom Vilsack is telling the American public the same thing Dean Wermer told Flounder? Now is your chance to weigh in on the proposed USDA dietary guidelines. The Public Comment period is open until July 15, 2010.