Corn Yield Creeps Higher; Soybeans May Find Reality

Published on: 12:08PM Oct 26, 2011

 The addition of more than 100 data points for each of our harvest maps this week may be bringing a truer picture of the U.S. yields for corn and soybeans this year. Through yesterday morning, farmer reported data from more than 875 corn producers, and more than 450 soybean producers shows corn yields are increasing and soybeans may be slipping a little bit.

Corn data this week shows that the AgWeb Corn Harvest national yield is at 145.36 bu./acre, compared to 143.22 last week.

On the soybean side, the average farmer-reported yield is 45.61 bu./acre. Last week that average was 46.05 bu./acre. 

  Corn Soybeans
USDA Oct. Crop Production
Estimated Harvested Acres (million acres)
 83.936  73.823

Oct. USDA Estimates

148.1 41.5
Avg. Farmer-Reported Yields on AgWeb
145.03 45.61

USDA Oct. U.S. Total Crop Estimates
(Bill. bu.)

12.432 3.059

Total U.S. Crop based on USDA Sept. Harvested Acres Est. using AgWeb Harvest Map Data 
(bill. bu.)

12.201 3.189

Total crop numbers are calculated by using avg. yields of farmer-reported data to AgWeb, multiplied by harvested acres in USDA's Oct. 2011 Crop Production Report. In cases where states have not reported to AgWeb, USDA's avg. Oct. yield is used to estimate state yield.