Real Money is on the Republicans

Published on: 11:32AM Nov 02, 2010

 Who will win control of the Congress? If the Iowa Electronic Markets are right, the GOP will win in a landslide today…at least on the House side.

The markets are an economics study by the University of Iowa College of Business and they’re designed to let people trade real money as a predictor for various outcomes in political races and the economy. The markets are real and "students trade shares of political candidates or parties."

Today the markets call for the Senate to stay under Democratic control, and the House of Representatives to go to the Republicans. You can follow the trend of this prediction over the past several months on the chart data. Regardless, the Republicans stand to gain seats in both houses.

In the Florida Senate race, a hotly contested campaign, the markets are predict Republican Marco Rubio as the winner with 52% of the vote.