What Impact Did Bird Flu Have on Corn Prices?

Published on: 15:42PM Apr 27, 2009
What Impact Did H5N1 Bird Flu Have on Corn Prices?
Allendale Inc has researched the Time Line of H5N1 Bird flu impact on corn futures from month previous to major event to month following. To view chart click here
1997 Dec, after 6 reported deaths in Hong Kong- it destroys entire poultry flock
Corn futures price
Nov 271 Dec 265 Jan (1998) 273, result of a 2 cent increase
2003 Feb, H5N1 reappears in Hong Kong, with a reported death
Jan 238 Feb 232 Mar 236, result of a 2 cent decline
2004 Jan, 1st reported death Vietnam from H5N1
Dec 246 (2003) Jan 276 Feb 296, result of a 50 cent increase
2005 May, rumors of H5N1 deaths within China
Apr 205 May 222 June 212, result of a 7 cent increase
2006 April, 11 H5N1 deaths within China
Mar 236   April 238 May 251, result of a 15 cent increase
2007 March, No New H5N1 cases reported in Vietnam
Feb 425   Mar 374    April 358, result of 67 cent decline in futures
Conclusion: it appears as though major events of bird flu, had a positive impact on corn futures prices. It must be noted, initial World Health Organization projections were for 2-7 million people to die from H5N1 bird flu.
As of April 2009, total H5N1 bird flu deaths are 257….Joe Victor    800 551 4626
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