Administering Modified Live Vaccines Prior to Breeding

Published on: 16:25PM Dec 11, 2009

By Dan Goehl, DVM

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Reader asks:

I was reading your response about ML (modified live) vaccines during breeding season.  Are you saying that ML vaccines should not be given within a short time before insemination?

If so, how many days before insemination do the shots need to be administered?

I've been on a killed program for years & decided to switch this fall.  I'm just wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot by administering the 2nd dose too close to breeding.

Dan's response:

Ideally it would be given 30 days pre-breeding. I am comfortable giving modified live two weeks pre breeding. Giving it close to breeding in cattle that have previously been vaccinated with modified live is not going to cause a “wreck” but could cause a slight decrease in up front conception. 

This is probably most important when vaccinating in front of an AI program versus a bull turn out. In the AI scenario your breeding is front end loaded (day 1) so effect is magnified. We try to give one annual booster to cows during this time frame. 

Dan Goehl, DVM, and his wife own and operate Canton Veterinary Clinic in Canton, MO, where Dan works primarily with stocker and cow/calf beef operations. Dan is also partner in Professional Beef Services, LLC, which offers herd consultation and helps in data management and marketing of beef cattle.

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