Predictions, Round One

Published on: 00:11AM Jul 17, 2010
 Wheat: 640 basis December is a gimme. Consider hedging 10% or more of your crop. The next attractor will be 750, but that is still quite “iffy.”


Corn: 416 is a done deal. 450 basis December will be the next attractor, by which I mean prices will be drawn towards 450. That’s not the same as saying prices will get there.  If prices get above 440, sell futures for most of your crop.


Beans: I’ll guess/predict 1050 will be reached for beans basis November, same price basis January.


Oats: 300 should be reached basis December.


Wild & Wooly technical price projections:

  • Oats: 318
  • Beans: 1092
  • Corn:  484
  • Wheat: 679


As the season progresses, we will see whether the wild & woolies are just that or become minimum prices reached.