Boehner Bobbing About Oil Subsidies

Published on: 15:47PM Apr 26, 2011

I hope John Boehner actually moves to eliminate oil and gas subsidies. True, the OMB estimates them a paltry $4 Billion per year, but save a billion here, a billion there, after a while it adds up to real money ... I don't remember which senator said that several years ago.

Sadly, in the article referenced above, Boehner seems to be back-tracking. One thing is certain: more and better jobs are needed if we are to do more than limp through the next 50 years. How about taxing corporations for shipping jobs overseas? Or maybe just tax the five highest paid executives at the company? Or maybe ship abroad all the top jobs, bring the middle class jobs back to America? We don't need a bunch of essentially useless honchos soaking up $5 million to $150 million annually. Only a few dozen of those jobs would equal the oil and gas subsidies -- which, it seems, corporate executives are on the record as not needing.