Chinese Corn

Published on: 18:26PM Jun 12, 2011

China has taken the trouble to deny the possibility of damage to its corn crop from the weather. Drought had portions of the corn-growing regions near to pottery hardness, according to some. Now some 50% or so of the corn growing region is flooded (40% is officially not flooded -- sounds like my 50% is conservative, no?).

I admit to having no practical experience as a corn farmer, and those of you reading this that have should feel free to correct me, but... Floods that kill 36 people, can they really not injure crops? And baked soil -- my limited tenure in East Texas suggests that plants really prefer soil with some moisture in it. Did I get that wrong? 

The world's second largest producer of corn has less than ideal conditions, and existing stores of corn are low. Doesn't sound like an ideal set up for bears, even if US farmers are able to shake of the extremely wierd weather that has been abusing them.