CoT & Price Action Jan 8

Published on: 02:32AM Jan 08, 2011

Oats had increasing difference between the long funds and short commercials despite a sharp price reversal on high volume. It looks like the longs are about to get handed their heads.

Corn had a sharp drop on good volume but the difference between the long funds and short commercials decreased, as one would expect in a normal change of trend, or prospective change of trend.

Beans weekly bar was inside the prior bar, albeit on good volume. This isn’t even bearish on the weekly chart. A few longs covered, as did a few shorts.

Wheat looks like it might want to go down, but is waiting for some real larger chunk of selling. There was a very small contraction of short & long this week.

In summary, the charts for oats and corn look like the bears have already won the battle. Wheat looks confused and beans still look to be owned by the bulls. But ya can’t have it both up and down, so either corn and oats are ahead of reality, or the bean bulls are sneaking out of their positions so smoothly that no one has figured it out yet.