Have Republicans Changed Their Spots?

Published on: 14:15PM Oct 23, 2010

 The chart below shows the Federal Debt by year and president, from 1950 to the present.  Data is directly from the US Treasury website, http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt.htm

National Debt 1950 2010

Remember that "Tax-and-Spend" "Liberals" held sway in the Senate until mid-term elections under Ronald Reagan. Then came "The Republican Revolution."

I was a Republican in the 70s, working for and electing a Republican governor and some state legislators. Oregon’s Senators were both moderate Republicans (Hatfield & Packwood). I left the Republican party in 1980, and watched Reagan do for the US what he had done for California, as he promised in his campaign. What his campaign did NOT tell the voters was that Reagan had DOUBLED government expenditures during his two terms as governor. You will note that the US deficit began to balloon under Reagan.

Clinton, for all his flaws (& there were many), put a substantial damper on the growth of the National debt. George W. Bush, for all his lies, more lies and damned lies about how tax cuts for the wealthiest 50 major corporations in America (who, upon receiving those tax cuts, not so gratefully moved about 150,000 jobs off short) and the wealthiest 1% of individual tax payers, increased the National Debt at the greatest rate in the history of the country. Of course, that also means he made the largest dollar increase in all of history. John Boehner, Republican BS expert from Ohio, was in office then and did his utmost to aid Bush in the destruction of the American economy. Now Representative Boehner wants to claim that he is fiscal conservative who will "restore order" to the Federal balance sheet.

How can any rational person believe anything said by any Republican since Gerry Ford?

As an interesting note, Alan Greenspan, economic policy advisor to the Regan campaign before Regan appointed him to head the Federal Reserve, had fiscal praise for only two American presidents since World War II: Ford and Clinton. Greenspan’s views I took from his memoir.

I might add that rational people should be loathe to believe anything said by Democrats as well as by Republicans. Where is a viable third party when we need one?