Interesting comment I received

Published on: 16:03PM Dec 20, 2010

 The other day I received this comment:

"So, out of one side of your mouth you didn't like Reagan because he doubled the size of government and then out of the other side of your mouth you don't like Obama because he didn't spend enough money. The answer is less government and more personal responsibility. It is personal responsibility that keeps a people free."

First, I must not have said what I meant about Obama. I don't like where he spent the money. AIG & the Wall Street banks are not where I think the money should have gone, at least not without taking over the firms, firing the managers and giving them NO parachutes, golden or other wise. The small amount that went into repairing and maintaining highways, bridges and other infrastructure was mostly well-spent. I say "mostly" because I'm sure there are some pure pork projects out there that were a total waste of money.

Second, "It is personal responsibility that keeps a people free." Amen, brother, Amen.

Farmers have a lot of that. Corporate farms (meaning ConAgra sized farms, not family corporations), not so much. Wall Street bankers are so over-protected by the government that they are like Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neumann  --  "What, me worry??" Absolutely no personal responsibility whatsoever.