One Week to Trick or Treat?

Published on: 19:31PM Oct 22, 2010

 Wheat: The world is awaiting developments. What developments? No one is quite sure, but the size of the US crop as harvested is one. No change in the holdings of commercials or funds.


Corn saw a slight collapsing of position: the funds sold a little, the commercials bought a little, all in all, not much change and looking a lot like the next move of size will be down. I’m not putting bets down just yet, but….

Beans saw prices a little higher, funds a little longer and commercials a little shorter.

This all has a carnival flavor to it. Step right up, Ladies & Gents, place your bets….

Elections are just after Halloween. How appropriate! Maybe your senator or congressman is a real jewel, but most are more like ghouls and vampires, just siphoning off money from worker bees to give to the heads of corporations. Guess I should do a quick series about "Which Party Gives Money To Big Corporations?" You should be able to guess part of the answer: "Both." But I’ll do a little digging, send along a few facts. And remember my political bias: None Of The Above.