The Republican Party as it was and should be

Published on: 13:13PM Jul 16, 2011

 The first four or five paragraphs of this piece express my view of the Republican Party of the 60s and 70s, back when I was one and helped to elect a Republican governor and a state representative or two. Whatever the party has become, it isn't anything like those paragraphs. The Dems of that era were, it seemed to me, pathologically addicted to having government solve all problems. Perhaps my "perfect liberal" would have been John Kenneth Galbraith. To be sure, he was a brilliant man; however, he believed that the ultra-bright PhDs should run the government and the country. I'm too much of an Adam Smith guy to buy into that. Anyway, the piece linked below is well worth reading. I think the writer may be a little optimistic about the Dems in that more than some of them put their self interest ahead of the interest of the nation.