Will the R's shut down government?

Published on: 08:34AM May 13, 2011

 Actually, I sort of hope they do, even though they really don't know what the heck they are doing. First, they forced through a continuation of W.Bush's eletist tax bill -- big savings for folks earning over $1 million annually -- thereby depriving the government of revenue. Now they are claiming its all the D's fault that the debt is bumping up against the $14.7trillion ceiling. I might add that it was a Republican president who contracted for an unnecessary and unwise $3trillion war in Iraq while cutting taxes for the richest corporations and individuals.

Shutting down government has the advantage of stopping idiocy for a time. On the other hand, what is needed is sane politicians, not fools like Boehner who want to create a repeat of the double-dip depression of the 1930s. Why wasn't Boehner heart to loudly oppose to bailing out the Wall Street banks? He seems to favor the wealthy at the expense of the not-so-wealthy, and the nations seniors.

Did you know that a coterie of Democrats tried to get a small raise in social security at the same time the Republicans were passing the massive tax cut for the wealthy? They were threatened with a filibuster by the Rs. 

In other news, today's CPI came in at 3.1%, year-over-year while yesterday's PPI was at 6.6%. It was much less if you neither use energy products such as diesel or gasoline, and if you don't eat.

For Bernanke's expressed frustrations with the government, go to