AG CONNECT: Education Second to None

Published on: 14:39PM Sep 03, 2009

It is exciting to think that AG CONNECT is only a little more than four months away. As you can imagine, planning is being done at a feverish pace. 
I personally am excited about the education programs that are being offered. No, these are not commercials given by specific companies. 
We have worked very hard to bring industry experts to AG CONNECT Expo to cover a diverse range of topics from farm management and risk management to renewable energy, family business management, technology, high yield and much more. 
And yes, these sessions turn into a networking opportunity for all participants. So as you attend these sessions, take advantage of the opportunity to turn to the producers next to you. They may be from the next county or from Brazil, Europe or somewhere else in the world, but they have common interest with you. 
Connecting to best practices from the experts is what you will find at AG CONNECT.