What a month

Published on: 20:30PM Oct 07, 2009

The momentum continues to build for AG CONNECT.  The education program is set with outstanding programs.  Last month saw a spike in new exhibitors and attendee registrations are coming in.  On a personal note I am excited about the sessions that range from gaining the competitive edge in marketing to how to pass the farm operation on to the next generation.  And of course the venue in Orlando in the dead of winter seems to be having a real appeal.  We are all in agriculture for the long haul and the climate, especially in dairy which is my background is challenged to say the least. 

But to survive the cycle and have access to the experts.... AG CONNECT is the place to be. 

Check out the web site Agconnect.com to find out about how the movers and the shakers in the industry feel about  the programs they are offering to survive this very interesting cycle. 

The education provides details from the experts on, Farm Business Management, Family Business Management, Technology (I understand companies are offering NEW product introductions are a part of the show), High Yield, Plan For Success, and Renewable Energy . 

What a exciting round-up...  See you there!