800 Graduate as the Class of 2010

Published on: 12:50PM Jul 27, 2010
Farm Journal has completed four sold-out sessions this week at its popular Corn College event held near Bloomington, Ill. The curriculum for the hands-on training covered all aspects of corn production, paying special attention to meeting the challenges of this year’s production season.
To learn more visit www.farmjournalcorncollege.com.
“We had graduates from more than 29 states and 2 provinces in four different sessions during the 2010 event,” says Charlene Finck, Farm Journal Media Senior Vice President, who founded the event in 2008. “It was a great week that integrated classroom and in-field training, so producers went home armed with cutting-edge information to use in their own fields.
Hosted by Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie and Associate Field Agronomist Missy Bauer at the Farm Journal Test Plots in central Illinois, the event provides hands-on training with coaching in the field.
Presentations and hands-on learning sessions included the topics of:
  • In-field corn diagnostics – Corn growers participated in hands-on assessments of various corn planting depths and planter down pressure and their respective impacts on root growth and development.
  • Variable-rate corn population and nitrogen – Presenters addressed the interaction between nitrogen and corn growth, development and yield as well as fundamental planting practices that are necessary before implementing variable-rate planting.
  • Water quality in the tank – Growers learned that water pH plays a significant role in how well herbicides and other products perform in the field, and that simple tools exist to help them quickly determine their water quality.
  • Lime value relative to grade and expense – Growers learned about lime quality and application methods and how to evaluate various grades of lime against both cost and ease-of-use.
This year, the first-ever retailer/consultant session was held on Monday, July 19, to provide tailored training for the specialized audience.
Attendees on Wednesday morning were a live audience for a taping of “U.S. Farm Report’s Marketing Roundtable discussion.
“The one-of-a-kind nature of Corn College is captivating for both farmers and sponsors,” says Steve Custer, Farm Journal Media Executive Vice President. “Farmers actually go out in the fields to learn how to grow a better corn crop, and sponsors network with a highly targeted, engaged audience.”
The event sponsors include Ag Leader, AgriGold, Agrotain, AutoFarm, Chevrolet, DeKalb, EMD Bio Crop Science, Great Plains, MANA, NCGA, Precision Planting, SFP, Stoller USA, Syngenta’s Avicta and Top Third Ag Marketing.
To learn more about the Farm Journal Corn College, visit www.farmjournalcorncollege.com.