Choose the Best Corn College Experience

Published on: 14:46PM Mar 18, 2010

Follow this decision path to find the CornCollege session best suited for you:


Are you a consultant/retailer/salesman or anyone seeking CCA credits?

            Attend the one-day session on Monday, July 19.

This will be a day packed with information specifically designed for those who serve farmers. This is the only CornCollege session to offer CCA credits! Click here to register  


Are you a farmer looking to increase your corn yields?

            Attend either the two-day session July 20 – 21.
            OR attend a one-day session on July 22 or July 23.


What’s the difference between the two types of farmer sessions?

The two-day event will include more time in the field and for the first time will include soybean production sessions.


Why are you offering 2 one-day sessions?

In August 2009 we had a one-day CornCollege with a sold-out crowd! The attendee feedback was overwhelming positive.

The one-day CornCollege is very similar to the two-day event.

There will be sessions in the field and there will be sessions offering a great variety of topics, except we have to cut back on some of the hands-on instruction. And there won’t be any sessions focused on soybeans.


For a full run down of 2010 CornCollege events, visit