Top Ten Reasons to Attend Corn College

Published on: 16:33PM Jul 24, 2009
#10 Reason: My tractor is worth more than your fancy car

#9 Reason: This is where being corny is cool

#8 Reason: I want to test the bolts on my grain bins

#7 Reason: I'm a big dog on the Corn College campus

#6 Reason: To meet corn farmers from every neck of the woods

#5 Reason: There's no homework, just field work

#4 Reason: My ABCs are N-P-K

#3 Reason: Kernels of knowledge add up in my grain tank

 #2 Reason: Knee-high by the Fourth of July just doesn't cut it anymore

#1 Reason: To spend two days in a hot corn field in July with Ken Ferrie

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