Early Bird Expires for Planter Clinic

Published on: 10:28AM Feb 07, 2011

Register today and there’s still time to receive the early bird rate for our Planter Clinic events. The discount will expire before the end of the week.

The four dates and locations are as follows: March 1 in Columbus, Ohio; March 8 in Lincoln, Neb.; March 9 in Morton, Minn.; March 11 in Davenport, Iowa.
“A planter clinic can help fine-tune a farmer’s equipment and set them up for success,” Bauer said. “These planter clinics provide a foundation from the hitch pin to the closing wheels.”
The event will cover all planter brands and models, as well as planter technologies incorporated on today’s machinery. Key topics in the sessions: 
  • How to identify a good stand and set your goals for planting execution
  • How to evaluate the soundness of your planter
  • How to set your planter for the best performance possible
  • Planter attachments that can help improve your planter do a better job
  • New planter technology you can use
To register and for more information, go to www.FarmJournalCornCollege.com