Planter Clinic at Ag Connect

Published on: 09:48AM Nov 14, 2012

Spend the day with Farm Journal Farm Agronomist Missy Bauer and take in all that Ag Connect has to offer. Farm Journal is hosting a Corn College Planter Clinic co-located with the 2013 Ag Connect in Kansas City, MO.

Taking place Wednesday, Jan. 30, Bauer will walk through the top tips to get your planter in shape for the coming year. With live demonstrations and row units from the major brands of planters, every attendee should have take-home lessons to lead to more bushels.

To attend this planter clinic, farmers need to register for Ag Connect and then select the Planter Clinic found in the education section.  An early bird rate for the show is $20. The planter clinic early bird (which also expires Jan. 4) is $169.

Click here to register for Ag Connect and the Planter Clinic.

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