Southern Farmers: Two Events In Your Area

Published on: 10:52AM Nov 07, 2011

Responding to the request of farmers, Farm Journal will host two day-long events scheduled for January 10-11, 2012: Corn College and Planter Clinic events in the South.

You can register for one or both events at these links:

All Day Events
Desoto Civic Center
Southaven, Mississippi
The Corn College and Planter Clinic will feature Farm Journal Agronomists Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer.
During Corn College, Ferrie and Bauer will help farmers learn how to implement the Systems Approach to corn production. The agronomists also will share their in-the-field data to help farmers grow more bushels and better manage soil density, disease, insects and soil fertility.
The following day, Ferrie and Bauer will instruct farmers on the process of tuning their planter for peak performance from the hitch pin to the closing wheel.

For more information about Corn College events, visit the Corn College homepage