Weather Market: How will it Play Out?

Published on: 10:17AM Jun 19, 2013

Weather wise there was some excitement form the bulls as a much hotter and drier pattern looks to get established latter this week. Many of the bulls are arguing this pattern could eventually push well into mid to late-July. A period that is being critically monitored due to a large portion of the US crop "pollinating" during this tight window (July 15th - July 30th). As most of you know, betting on longer-term weather forecasts rarely pay good dividends. Certainly the heat looks to be around the next corner, but how intense, how long it sticks around, and what it ultimately does to saturated soils remains a major question mark??? Just be careful getting yourself all bulled up about longer-term heat and dryness. Keep in mind the market is still trying to digest too much rain. With the soil moisture profiles vastly different form last year. I am thinking it will take the trade a considerable amount of time and "proof" to get overly excited about excessive heat and drought like conditions. For my report CLICK HERE and I will send you my full report.