Our Industry Must Figure Out How to Serve Our World Market Customers

Published on: 14:33PM Oct 15, 2010

To the editor:

I am very concerned about the damage milk quotas will do to the industry I have given my best for 50+ years…and loved it. I want to leave it as open and welcoming as I found it in 1960. It has been a great ride being in a growth industry: 1960—115 billion lb. of milk. 2010—189+ billion lb. of milk.
I’m nervous some political solution involving quotas will destroy the vitality of our industry. My concern is that we will be stagnating our industry, just when worldwide export opportunities seem to be opening up for us.
Somehow, our industry must figure out how to serve our world market customers when the price is quite low so we will have them as customers when prices are high. We must become a dependable supplier of dairy products and build relationships like New Zealand has done. Not being able to sell to the government will encourage moving our industry in this direction.
I believe we must speak out, be firm and perfectly clear. No matter what you call them, any new program based on the history of a farm’s production is one we should never adopt for our industry.
Long story short: Eliminate the support price? Yes. Replace the support price with margin insurance? Maybe. Adopt milk quotas? Never!
George Mueller
Willow Bend Farm
Clifton Springs, NY