Colorado and South Dakota harvest completed

Published on: 16:11PM Aug 17, 2009
It's been awhile since my last update. We harvested in the Eades,CO area for nearly 2 weeks finishing around July 10th. Due to the low humidity and lack of rainfall we had excellant harvesting conditions. This area receives very little rainfall, so it always amazes me that they raise any crop at all. This year they had wheat yields from 15 to 35 bushels per acre.
We loaded up equipment and moved to South Dakota, taking machines to Phillip and Onida where we harvest both Winter and Spring wheat. The Winter wheat in the Phillip area yielded in the upper 20's to 30 bushels per acre, in the Onida area we found much better wheat yielding near 60 bushels per acre with proteins near 15%. We finished with the winter wheat around July 28th and than had to wait for the spring wheat to ripen.
Due to the cooler than average temperatures and above normal precipitation it has taken a long time to get the spring wheat harvest completed. It has rained over 5 inches since we arrived here in mid July, but we finally completed the spring wheat harvest, yields of 40 bushels per acre were not as good as the winter wheat due to dry conditions back in late May and June. Proteins were around 14.5%.
The row crops in parts of South Dakota look really nice, while other areas of the state have received to much rain causing alot of drown out spots in the fields. Here in Sully and Potter counties the corn and sunflowers look excellant, hopefully the hail storms, strong winds and early freeze stay away!
I would like to thank the crew for their patience while we have been in the WAITING mode!  The waiting mode is waiting for it to dry up or ripen up, when it is cool and wet we just hurry up and wait!
I would like to thank my nephew Jordan for all of his help this summer, he'll be heading back home latter this week since school will be starting next week.