Top 10 Explanations for Harvest Breakdowns

Published on: 12:56PM Oct 25, 2009
I'm now taking nominations for both the most common and most creative excuse for why farm machinery breaks down. Here are my nominations:

#10. "Dad's hearing is getting bad and he couldn't hear the slip clutch slipping."

#9. From the mechanic, "Gee, I've never seen that part break like that before..."

#8. "I was talking on my cell phone and hit the wrong switch."

#7. "I forgot the unloading auger was swung out."

#6. From the mechanic, "Yeah, the manufacturer had a run of bad parts--we've been seeing a lot of this lately."

#5. "The hired man was supposed to have greased that."

#4. "I just replaced that chain 5 years ago."

#3. "Who would have thought a little rock could do that much damage?"

#2. "I didn't get an owner's manual when I bought this, so it's not my fault that zerk didn't get greased."

And the #1 nomination for most popular excuse why farm equipment breaks down: "They need to build this stuff heavier."