Time for a Winning Start

Published on: 08:28AM Oct 18, 2009
You are right if you think that raising healthy seedlings is an obvious first step towards better farm productivity. However, it is easier said than done. Structured nuseries run by knowledgeable professionals are few and far between. They are generally over-booked with orders as the sowing season draws near.

The winter sowing season in India is a race against time. It does not last as long as the South West monsoon. The weather changes frequently, and the seasons almost coalesce in to each other. Markets are not universally structured here, so late arrivals are vulnerable to sales at distress rates. Nothing matters as much as getting your seedlings off to a head start.

This is the logic behind my Seedcel campaign starting tomorrow (October 19, 2009). The Hindu New Year is just over and it is time to make fresh beginnings. Seedcel is a multi-stage fermentation specialty. It is powder that adheres to seed surfaces easily, and the effects are visible to the naked eye in a matter of days.