Time to Save

Published on: 10:40AM Sep 18, 2009
I watched this video from a source that I so respect, with some consternation:


Most of us are vegetarians in India, and chicken or seafood are the most popular forms of flesh for the rest. It is very rare to rear cattle for meat. Cow slaughter is illegal. However, we do have more than our fair share of animals. 

Manure is very much a part of traditional farming in India, but it takes ages for organic waste to complete the conversion process.  Infection is another concern. Manure may contain pests of all genres.

Bacterial converters are now available in the market. They can produce manure from fresh waste in less than a month. The process is exothermic. You can often see vapor escaping from mounds of waste under conversion. This takes care of threats of pests.

Not all farms generate enough organic waste to meet their fertilization needs. This is a business opportunity for dairies. Enterprising farmers can establish useful lines of revenue by making organic fertilizer for local marketing.

Idaho are you listening?