Dazed and Confused

Published on: 12:07PM Dec 01, 2008
Ya know as things keep plugging along I seem to be getting more anxious about our future than less.  Regarding our markets I was much more BULL as I could not imagine that demand would decrease as our population increases and farmable land decreases.  The social demand for continuing a higher standard of living in developing countries and their government's fears of social unrest seemed to almost dictate that our commodities would remain "valuable."  But here I sit....dazed and confused....not knowing if I am willing to break true and known approaches to managing our operations or whether I should try some "new" methods of marketing.

Perhaps my current state of being dazed and confused is a normal progression of living.....or perhaps as many have expoused it is that we are entering into uncharted waters.....who knows, but I sure do hope that something breaks....with either the input side or the sales side.....

What are your thoughts on these matters?