Management and Leadership

Published on: 18:30PM Oct 30, 2009

Is management or leadership the key to success?
The easy answer is both. Good management and leadership skills are necessary to successful grow a business operation. Management is focused on duties, systems and tasks---things that must be accomplished, rudiments of a job that must be completed.
Leadership is focused on how to accomplish something, with who and using what resources. Management is doing things right, whereas leadership is doing the right things. 
Management is a top-down, boss/subordinate, hierarchal set of techniques intended to control, supervise and administer.
Leadership, on the other hand, is a learned skill. It is enhanced by innate physical, social and personality characteristics. But it is no less a skill that can be learned and developed. 
Leadership is a team exercise in which players, separated by responsibilities, are united by common objectives. As the uniting link in an endeavor, leadership is about influence, guidance and orchestration. 
Management says: “You will do…”
Leadership says: “We should do…”

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