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Published on: 12:34PM May 29, 2014

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My work brings me face-to-face with the brightest agripreneurs in the nation. As a succession planning professional, it's my job to know the hows, whats and whys of family business success. So, every encounter with a family business owner is a learning opportunity.  

Key to professional success and personal satisfaction is the strength of the relationships we build with the people around us. We hold in high esteem those mentors who've helped us along the way. We regard with admiration those who've given of themselves to show us the way. And, we guard the relationships with others who've seen us through the tough times.
Mentoring is a gift that money can't buy. It's an investment in others who will show their appreciation by making the world a bit better because someone (you) reached back with wisdom and encouragement at a critical moment.
A protégé is a sponge for wisdom and a willing student for knowledge. A protégé shows gratitude for a mentor's time in the form of lasting success. A protégé learns interdependence and the value of others. If extraordinary success is your desire, do you have a mentor/protégé relationship?
The characteristics of a good mentor/protégé relationship include:
  • Professionals with the education, experience and commitment necessary to succeed.
  • A relationship based on trust, respect and open dialogue.
  • Common interests and specific goals to achieve.
  • The maturity to disagree and discuss differences of opinion in business and personal matters.
  • Long-term perspective--improvement is always a work in progress.

Each of us has the opportunity to give and receive in a mentor/protégé relationship. Whether formal or informal, both parties to the relationship bring valuable insights.

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