Hard Work or Work Hard?

Published on: 16:30PM Nov 04, 2013

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When harvest is in full swing and everybody is putting in extra effort, it's difficult not to think about all the hard work you're doing. It isn't just in the fall, either. Spring is equally demanding, if not more so, due to unpredictable weather patterns. Then there are the cold winters, with short days and sometimes even shorter tempers as you look forward to being outside.

Work is only hard if there is NO purpose to what you do. Purpose fuels our passion and allows us to be incredibly productive. Without purpose, there is no passion; therefore, all is work. A person will work hard when they align with a clear purpose and understand the goal. They will apply extra effort and not be bothered by the minutiae.

'Hard work' implies the work you're doing is grueling, and perhaps unrewarding. Maybe it's better to say 'work hard,' which in essence means, "I put a lot of effort into my work!"

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