Planning Secret #5: Take Definitive Action

Published on: 15:57PM Jan 25, 2011

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Intention without action may be worse than no action. Using our intentions and resting in complacency, thinking, “they know what I want,” is just another method of procrastination. If your intentions are real, you must support them with action. Like anything else in life, nothing happens until you make it happen, and succession planning and implementation will take double effort.
The fifth secret of planning success is:
Take Definitive Action
Good intentions without action are hollow, and will not lead to a successful result. The family must take definitive action to achieve their most heartfelt succession intentions. Each active member of the family must play a role in the succession planning process. From family meeting to decisions, from conversation to implementation, from accountability to professional development, each person must accept the obligation for a successful outcome.
Here are some beginning steps:
    • Schedule Meeting
    • Distribute Agenda
    • Establish Ground Rules
    • Define Common Goals
    • Assign Roles & Responsibilities
    • Agree on Action
    • Follow Up
So, before 2011 gets away from you, let’s work together to sow the seeds of succession in your family for your operation.
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